The Band

Rosie Messina: Vocals

Lisa Messina Hardy: Vocals

Jeffrey Hardy: Lead Guitar, Vocals

Don Greider: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Bill Vassar: Bass Guitar, Vocals

Ken Macke: Drums, Percussion


Rosie Messina- Vocals


Rosie is an awesome versatile singer with a very bright future who has been performing with Sound of Fury for over 3 years. Currently attending UCF for a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in Musical theatre after earning an AA degree at SCF. She has proven to be a spectacular singer, theatre performer, actor and genuinely has a heart of gold . Rosie is Jeff;s daughter and we are all so very proud of her major accomplishments. No disappointments.


Lisa Messina Hardy- Vocals


Lisa joined the band in 2018 when husband Jeffrey realized the talent that has been hidden from us for so many years has finally come out. And Lisa  truly shines . Her daughter Rosie's talent  has come from Mom with a lot of hard work and dedication has brought this project to the awesome place that we are all happy to share with all of our fans.


Jeffrey Hardy - Lead Guitar, Vocals


Jeff, a seasoned veteran and  Sound of Fury's founding member, A highly skilled musical "jack of all trades". Making the guitar an extension of himself, Jeff can effortlessly produce sounds that could easily rival the best in the business. Like many masters of the guitar, he also is a skilled harmonica player and vocalist. Known for his high energy and sense of humor, Jeff loves to entertain.


Don Greider - Guitar, Vocals


Don has been playing guitar and singing for decades. As a seasoned artist, Don continues to entertain and craft his music to perform to the best crowds in Florida. Make no mistake. Don is full of energy and continues to make everyone around him smile with soul and magic of his talents.

Bill Vassar - Bass, Vocals

Billy is a seasoned Bass player that has performed with some of the finest bands around. His continual smiling and fun personality shines through as bright as the sun. With great licks and unique vocals, Bill always has a great time and shares the vibe with the coolest audiences in Florida.


Ken Macke - Drums

Ken is the kind of seasoned drummer and percussionist that is something that everyone will experience with every performance. Kens musical influence by Sevendust is a prominent part of his musical style with flash and pizzaz to amaze all who witness his awesome abilties.


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